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How to use V-MultiDisc – General tips

Before the first use, wash the four discs and the measuring spoon with hot water.

Preparation – Upcycling 

  • First select the desired type from your original Vertuo® or VertuoLine® capsules: Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug or Alto. The size of the capsule and the barcode on the edge of the lid determine the amount of water, pressure and temperature as well as rotation speed for the brewing process. If you want to increase the intensity of your espresso / coffee, simply stop the brewing process earlier by pressing the start / stop button. This works with any of the five capsule types.
  • Remove the foil of an unused capsuel: cut out the foil along the inner edge of the capsule with the small cutter. Place the cutter at a 45 degree angle so that a clean cut is achieved.
  • The resulting aluminum body is now part of your refillable capsule. You can use it at least 500 times and won’t have to dispose of the capsule after only one use. Small dents that occur during washing and drying can simply be smoothed out on the inside of the capsule with your finger.


Seemingly useless or CONSUMED natural resources are converted into new products and continue to be REUSED.

The right grind sizes for the five capsule types

  • The best brewing result is obtained with freshly ground coffee or espresso beans. Grind the coffee beans yourself directly before filling the capsule or have your favorite bean grind at the right level at your coffee roaster. High-quality coffee grinders are also available in some supermarkets. If you buy coffee or espresso that has already been ground, keep in mind that ground coffee is available “coarse”, “medium” and “fine” ground.
  • For the two capsules “Espresso” and “Double Espresso”, the espresso beans should be ground “very fine”. The espresso flows very slowly into the cup and has an intense taste, depending on the roast of the bean.
  • If you prefer a slightly lighter coffee taste, fill the capsule types “Gran Lungo” or “Mug” with coffee or espresso beans that are “finely” ground. With these capsule types, the coffee also flows faster into the (large) cup.
  • If you want to enjoy a larger cup of light coffee, use “medium” ground coffee to refill the capsule “Alto”.

Refilling the capsule – with the coffee you choose

  • Fill the capsule – regardless of the capsule size / type – to the brim with the coffee of your own choice.
  • Tap the refilled capsule several times on the worktop gently to distribute the ground coffee. Tapping two or three times is enough to prevent the ground coffee from being compressed too much.
  • Place the disc on the ground coffee with the flat side up. Now press the disc onto the capsule with your thumb on the perforation in the middle of the disc.
  • If you have decided on the “Espresso” capsule (40ml), you have to press the disc a little harder the first time, so that the shape of the capsule adapts better to the disc.
  • Turn the refilled capsule over and tap off the remaining coffee grains with your index finger. Keep the hole in the center of the disc closed with your thumb.
  • Put the capsule in the machine and start the brewing process.
  • To achieve a more intense flavor note, the brewing process can also be stopped manually at any time by pressing the start / stop button while the coffee is flowing into the cup. This works for every capsule size.

Cleaning the capsule an the discs

  • After use, take the capsule out of the machine’s collection container. Lift the disc off the capsule body and tap the coffee grounds into the organic waste.
  • If small dents occur in the capsule body, simply smooth these dents on the inside of the capsule with your finger.
  • Clean the capsule and the disc with warm water only. Do not use detergent to protect the environment and to avoid an off-taste the next time you use it.
  • We recommend to dry the capsule and the disc carefully before the next use. This will prevent the coffee grains from sticking to the edge of the capsule or the disc.
  • Small dents can easily be smoothed out with your finger on the inside of the capsule.