4 x V-MultiDisc

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reusable Disc for NESPRESSO®:

Vertuo & VertuoLine

With the V-MultiDisc you can use EACH of the six capsule types endlessly:

  • Espresso (40ml)
  • Double Espresso (80ml)
  • Gran Lungo (150ml)
  • Mug (230ml)
  • Alto (414ml)
  • Carafe (535ml)
Each set contains 4 V-MultiDiscs, 1 Cutter, 1 measuring spoon und 1 manual
Zero Waste – Better Taste
  • First Use

Use the cutter to remove the foil from an unused original disposable capsule. Place the V-MultiDisc on top of the ground coffee with the pin pointing downwards. Press the the disc onto the capsule with your thumb on the central hole. Tap off the coffee residue on the capsule and disc, insert the capsule into the machine and start the brewing process.

  • Use the capsule body again and again

Now, the body of the disposable capsule can be refilled at least 500 times with the coffee of your own choice:
Fill the capsule to the brim, tap the capsule lightly to level out the ground coffee, press the V-MultiDisc onto the ground coffee, put the capsule in the machine and start the brewing process. Prepare the coffee of your own choice, avoid waste (by upcycling) and save a lot of money!

  •   How to choose type of coffee & right level of finesse

Whether Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, Alto or Carafe – the barcode and the capacity of the six capsule types determine the amount of water, temperature and pressure as well as rotation speed of the machine. To achieve a more intense flavour, simply end the brewing process early by pressing the start / stop button. This works with any capsule size.

  • for Espresso and Double Espresso use “very finely” ground espresso
  • for Gran Lungo and Mug use “finely” ground coffee / espresso
  • for Alto and Carafe use coffee ground at “medium” level
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Product Description

The V-MultiDisc is compatibel with the NESPRESSO machines:

Vertuo & VertuoLine

from the producers Krups, De’Longhi, Magimix and Breville

The V-MultiDisc is made of food grade, heat-proof Polypropylen (BPA free!)

Dimensions of the V-MultiDisc
Diameter: 49 mm
Height: 16 mm
Weight: 3.9 g

Capacity of the measuring spoon: 15 ml

Packing: Carton


Nespresso® is a third-party brand that is not in connection with mycoffeestar

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 12.5 × 2 cm