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How to use GUSTO PURO

Before first use, rinse capsule, lid and measuring scoop with hot water.
Get your own coffee in the right level of fineness
  • For Espresso use “fine” ground or “very fine” ground espresso to refill your GUSTO PURO.
  • For Lungo or Grande use “medium” to “fine” ground coffee.
  • If the coffee is ground to fine, the machine will not start or stop the brewing process.
  • If the coffee is too watery, use finer ground coffee.
  • Get freshly ground coffee or espresso simply at your local coffee shop or coffee roaster: Open a Dolce Gusto disposable capsule and show the ground coffee as reference for the right level of fineness to your coffee roaster or coffee shop.
  • If you prefer to buy ground coffee, consider that the level of grinding varies from “coarse”, “medium” and “fine” ground coffee.



Fill the capsule with 8 grams ground coffee.
  • The accompanying measuring scoop fits perfectly into the capsule. Place the coated full measuring spoon into the capsule and turn the spoon around.
  • Use the measuring line in the capsule as a reference for the right quantity of ground coffee. Therefore, tap the filled capsule tightly so that the ground coffee settles evenly.
  • Do not tamp the ground coffee.
  • If you find water and coffee ground on the lid after the brewing process, too much coffee was filled into the capsule.
  • After refilling, seal the soft vacuum lid by pressing it onto the capsule with your flat hand.
Put the filled and closed capsule in the drawer of your Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine
  • Make sure that the hole in the lid is at the 6-o’clock-position
  • Use the marks on the lid for exact positioning.
  • If the hole in the lid is not in the right position the machine will not start the brewing process.

Start the brewing process
  • An espresso flows down slowly in a thin, straight jet.
  • With a Lungo or Grande, the coffee jet will be thicker and flow faster.
  • If the coffee jet does not flow straight but unsteady, chose finer ground coffee.
  • If the coffee drips very slowly or not at all, the coffee is too fine ground.
  • If the brewing process does not start at all, make sure capsule and lid are positioned correctly in the drawer.

CAREFUL! The capsule is hot after use.
  • For cooling, rinse the capsule in the drawer with cold water.
  • Only then, remove the capsule from the drawer, take off the lid and dispose the coffee ground with organic waste.
Clean after every use:
  • Rinse capsule and lid with cold or warm water, do not use detergents.
  • Remember to descale your coffee machine regularly.

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