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General Tips

  • Make sure that you have applied one of the two supplied sealing rings properly. The gasket should be rolled onto the closed capsule until it rests on the rim of the lid, as demonstrated in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg-S96_tdYo
  • Use high-quality, preferably freshly ground espresso beans (stronger roasting, min. 20-25% of Robusta coffee beans). The supplied coffee sample shows you how finely the espresso beans should be ground.
  • The optimum grinding level is “fine” to “very fine”. The exact level of grinding depends on the characteristics of the espresso beans you have chosen (such as water content, etc.).
    As with traditional espresso coffee machines too, it needs some time and patience at the beginning until you find the right level of grinding and the filling density for the espresso beans you have chosen. But the effort is worth it!
    If you do not have a coffee grinder at home, we recommend getting 2 -3 ground samples of a good espresso blend from a local coffee roaster to find out which level of grinding is optimal. These samples should be in the level of “fine” to “very fine”.
  • Fill the capsule as tight as possible by press down the coffee powder using a tamper. If you are not using a tamper, simply immerse the opened capsule into the container where you keep the ground coffee, and press the capsule several times against the container wall in order to press the coffee tightly into the capsule.
    By using the filling device to which the opened capsule is attached to, this process is much easier and you avoid that coffee powder sticks to your fingers.
    The capsule holds approximately 5g coffee powder.
  • Espresso / Coffee should be brewed as hot as possible (about 80 ° C). We therefore recommend that you preheat your machine and the espresso cup: run 1-2 cycles without coffee filling, so that only hot water runs through the machine. Coffee residues are removed and the machine is cleaned.
  • The brewing process for an espresso (25 ml) should last 15-20 seconds, correspondingly longer for a Lungo (depending on pre-programmed amount of water).
  • Keep already ground coffee cool and dry (preferably in the refrigerator) and also remember to descale your machine regularly. This will give you a better cream, without any additives.